Snow Monkeys | Guide to Yudanaka Shibu Onsen area
My advices for traveling to Snow Monkey park, Yudanaka Shibu onsen traditional Japanese village full of hot springs and Shiga Kogen.
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Why to book with Zeno's Guide ???

  • the best rates (especially for families)
  • free of charge for you
  • no Credit Card or deposit charge
  • you pay full price after arrival
  • special VIP care for all guests from Zeno's Guide

Kokuya ryokan

from 17.450 JPY, full meals

Kokuya ryokan, Shibu Onsen
rooms with private open-air bath

Prices & Reservations

Shibu Hotel

from 14.190 JPY, full meals

Shibu Hotel, Shibu Onsen
2 western style rooms with beds

Prices & Reservations

Biyunoyado ryokan

from 14.190 JPY, full meals

Biyunoyado ryokan, Yudanaka Onsen
private open-air baths on the roof

Prices & Reservations

Suminoyu ryokan

from 10.950 JPY, full meals

Suminoyu ryokan, Shibu Onsen
open-air baths on the roof

Prices & Reservations

Matsuya ryokan

from 8.790 JPY, full meals

Senshinkan Matsuya, Shibu Onsen
great value / only indoor baths

Prices & Reservations

Hostel Aibiya

from 5.400 JPY, breakfast only

Hostel Aibiya, Shibu Onsen
great value / private rooms only

Prices & Reservations

I list here:

  • best value Ryokans (great location, price, services, baths, English friendly, clean, traditional)
  • I visited all of these ryokans in person and heard many feedbacks from guests
  • I can guarantee you ll leave these places with smile and the best experience

I highly recommend to try Japanese traditional dinner served by lady in Kimono! Also you can wear Yukata. It is not possible to experience this anywhere in the World and in any restaurant around here. Please concider this, before you make your booking request !

 If you book differnt accommodation, please PAY ATTENTION TO:

  • location (many ryokans do not have good location)
  • present pictures
  • cleanliness of the ryokan
  • English speaking staff (you will need to get many information about rules in ryokan and area around)

Many times people think to do everything by themself and think they will book something better and cheaper, but in the end they complain about the accommodation, services, location etc... (you can see some of the comments on my page ;)

Send me your comment! Thank you!