Snow Monkeys | Guide to Yudanaka Shibu Onsen area
My advices for traveling to Snow Monkey park, Yudanaka Shibu onsen traditional Japanese village full of hot springs and Shiga Kogen.
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FAQ - frequently asked questions

" I have tatoo, can I take public hot spring baths? "
  No problem in this area.

" When is snow in Monkey park ? "
First snow is usually around Christmas time. If you wanna make sure about the snow come in JANUARY, FEBRUARY, MARCH.
in the beginning of April snow starts melt dow.  From end of APRIL till the end of DECEMBER for sure NO SNOW...

"Can I take bath with  monkeys in Monkey park ?"
No, you can not. Some of the pictures on internet are from ryokans close by, but you have to be very lucky.

" How long does it take to get to Monkey park from Tokyo, Nagano city, Yudanaka station ? "
from Tokyo station 90min to Nagano city + 50min to Yudanaka st + 15min to Kanbayashi stop + 20min walk
Incl. waiting time you should count 3,5 hours from Tokyo station.

" Is it possible to I do day-trip by myself from Tokyo ? "
Yes it is, but consider if you like to travel 7 hours from to Tokyo station + in Tokyo... I recommend to stay at least one night
in the area and enjoy the country-side, hot springs and JPN traditional sleeping on futon, local food etc...

" Is some hostel close to Snow Monkeys ? "
No there is no hostel in this area. All are traditional ryokans. the cheapest ones with no meals are from 4.320 JPY per person.
for expample http://www.yudanaka-shibuonsen.com/accommodation/senshinkan-matsuya-ryokan

" What ryokan you recommend us to stay ? "
Depend to your budget. I put on my webpage ryokans with different price range. All are FOREIGNER FRIENDLY.
Choode by yourself. There is one rule - if you pay more, you get more.  On my wepage are the best possible rates.

" What can I do in the area beside Snow Monkeys? "
I described here - http://www.yudanaka-shibuonsen.com/activities

" Can I have dinner if I check in after 7 PM? "
No, its not possible. They can keep the food for you and bring to your room. But its gonna be cold.

" I arrive at Yudanaka before Check-in time (11 AM) do the ryokan pick me up? how do I contact them?"
No, ryokan pick you up only during check in time. If you come other time, please take taxi or public bus, its 5min drive.
Please check your booking confirmation form - you will find there Phone number to the ryokan, call them from Nagano
station after you know your exact arrival time or from Yudanaka station.

* Can you please advise how easy the walk is to the snow monkey hot springs. How far is the walk from the transport
and is it a on a made up walkway? My wife and l have difficulty in walking distance particularly on rough ground.
Most of the walk true the woods is like this in winter:
but there are also stairs:
it takes 20-30min, 1,6km from the gate where taxi can come.

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