Snow Monkeys | Guide to Yudanaka Shibu Onsen area
My advices for traveling to Snow Monkey park, Yudanaka Shibu onsen traditional Japanese village full of hot springs and Shiga Kogen.
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What is Ryokan?

Ryokan is traditional Japanese style inn.
Many of them keep architecture of the bilding, design of rooms, customs and rools for many years, what makes you feel magic old Japanese atmosphere. Most of the Ryokans is family business and they keep runing if for many generations from father to the son.

Please let me introduse you the most important and beautiful characteristics of Ryokan:

Rooms have on the foor tatami mats, instead beds futons, low tables and chair without legs, guest are wearing yukata, employees kimono. In Yudanaka Shibu Onsen all of the Ryokans are Onsen Ryokans, what means they have hot spring baths. Depence to the class of Ryokans thay can have just 1-2 public hot baths, some of them have also private baths (so you can enjoy bath just with your darling), Open air bath (you can feel the rain or snow in your hair and relax in hot spring) and the higher class has 6-8 baths incl. open air baths and even rooms with open air bath on the balcony.


In all ryokans is Check in 3PM and Check out 10AM.
If you come by train or bus, employee will pick you up at the station. At the station are mostly representatives from many hotels holding flag or sign of their hotel (mostly in Japanese).
When you arrive at the Ryokan, you will be greeted and taken to the room. (Nakai-san) the maids of the Ryokan (wearing kimono) will carry your bags. Please do not forget to take of your shoes in the entrance and wear sleapers, which are ready for you. Polite way is put the shoes by hands in the direction - going out. So when you go out next time you can very easily put it on.



Guest rooms are designed in traditional Japanese style, there is tatami mads flooring, you can see japanese decoration, furniture and paintings. Tatami mats are made of woven soft rusch straw and packed with rice straw in the size 180x90cm. Tatami are very soft and every time take of your sleapers before you step on tatami flooring !!!


The biggest surprise when you enter the room is - no beds... Where will you sleap?
During the dinner time Ryokan staff prepeare Futons for you, it is japanese traditional way of sleaping on kind of matress which is stored in one of the closed in the room.


Sliding doors are made from light wood and Jpanese paper.


Small partition in the room in which you can see Ikebana flowers and hanging
scrolling picture. Guest or Male should everytime sit dow close to this place. Also guest should everytime sleap with head close to the Tokonoma.


is light Japanese robe. Maid will choose size for you and place it to the closed in your room. Each hotel have own design. You should wear yukata in your room, in the hotel, on the dinner/ breakfast and even on the streets of Yudanka Shibu Onsen. It is very handy during taking hot baths on the street, and it also makes new Japanese experience.


Usually there is narrow space next to the window with the sink and table with chairs to enjoy the surrounding wiev. Rooms have TV, Phone, Safty locker, Fridge with cold drinks. Towels and Yukatas are always provided. The higher class ryokans have in the room Coffe maker, Toilet (Washlet), balcony, or even hot bath on the balcony with shower.

Traditional room
before you step on tatami
Table and chairs
Dinner in Ryokan

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