Snow Monkeys | Guide to Yudanaka Shibu Onsen area
My advices for traveling to Snow Monkey park, Yudanaka Shibu onsen traditional Japanese village full of hot springs and Shiga Kogen.
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Access to Snow Monkeys area

  • by TRAIN

  • by CAR

  • by DIRECT TAXI from airport

Shinkansen to Nagano city


Its combination of Shinkansen (JPN Rails) + Nagano Dentecu train (private comp.) to get to Yudanaka station.
I recommend to travel to this area by trains. Its the fastest, not so expencive to comapre. Japanes trains are very clean and on time. You can also buy some lunch or dinner for reasonable price on the Shinkansen.

JR pass

JR pass - the cheapest way to travel by train in Japan

I recomend to by Japanese Rail Pass - its the cheapest way to travel in Japan.
You can click the link or on the picture, this company I tried and I think is the best and fastest.
You can buy it online and exchange voucher in JR office at all airports in Japan. They can also deliver to your
hotel in Japan or to your country in 48 hours, for some delivery fee, or free if you buy more of them.
More about JR pass I wrote here

From Tokyo station get on Shinkansen ASAMA to Nagano city - 90min,  222km ¥8.000,  222km
In Nagano st. change for Nagano Dentecu Line to Yudanaka st. in Yamanouchi town - 50min,  33km, ¥1.230 express, or ¥1.130 not express
From Yudanaka station - you can take public bus and get of at Kanbayashi bus stop, or take Taxi up there -  7 min, 7km,  ¥1.500
From Kanbayashi follow the signs of Snow Monkeys and you have to walk 25min, 2km

  • Your JR pass doesn't cover train from Nagano st. to Yudanaka st. -it's different train company

Trains to Yudanaka Shibu Onsen - map

Accest to Yudanaka Shibu Onsen

Shinkansen TIME TABLE
from Tokyo to Nagano
from Nagano to Tokyo

Nagano Dentecu TIME TABLE 
from Nagano city to Yudanaka station
from Yudanaka station to Nagano city

Nagano station Map

Nagano station - Map

Many times you have just few minutes to change the trains at Nagano station. Its a bit confusing as you have to get out of the Nagano station (to the right side) and go to the Subway on the street. This MAP will save you lots of time as the trains to Yudanaka don't run frequently.
There is information center infront of Shinkansen gates !

Nagano Dentecu electric railway use these trains. Lets see which is gonna be your ;)

Snow Monkey express train

This is the newest Express train

Snow Monkey view train

Spectacular view express tarin

Snow Monkey old train

The old one


Lockers in Nagano stationLockers in Nagano station

Zenkoji Exit, 1st Floor in front of the elevator
Large - h840 x w360 x d575 price 500yen (only 3 lockers)
Medium - h550 x w360 x d575 price 400yen
Small - h405 x w360 x d575 price 300yen

By car to Snow Monkeys

by CAR

by car to Yudanaka Shibu Onsen, Shiga Kogen.
Highway fees are quite high in Japan. Tokyo - Yudanaka Shibu Area cost aprox. 6.000 JPY for one way.

Acces to Snow Monkeys by car

Chuo taxi - Snow Monkeys

By direct TAXI from airport

There is company called CHUO TAXI  which provide direct transfer between Narita or Haneda and any Hotel in Nagano or Niigata or the oposit way. Narita - Yudanaka Shibu Onsen area costs 12.400 per person and it takes around 5hours. Many foreign tourist and also me in person use Chuo Taxi.


  • easy to book - English Online booking
  • almost the same cost like trains
  • you don't have to change trains, worry you get lost
  • you don't have to worry about baggage

There is only one Negative point:

  • it takes double of the time than by trains


buy JR PASS in Narita Airport and travel cheaply
easy transfer between Airport and Tokyo, Yokohama - Airpor Limousine buses
English train timetables searcher - Hyperdia
simple explanation of transportation and train passes in Tokyo

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